Did You Know?

Denis Mwangi

Copyright, a very interesting term. Copyright according to the law is under the Intellectual Property law which allows the owner to own things they create in the same way as something physical can be owned. It is the right of an owner to prevent others copying or reproducing their work.

Many people do not know that you have the right to protect what you have created and you have the right do deny reproduction of your work. In Kenya the Kenya Copyright act protects works such as Literal work,such as  books,journals, periodicals and musical works,artistic work such paintings,audio visual works and musicals to mention a few.

A copyright owner has both economic and moral rights over his property. He or She has the liberty to reproduce his product, rent or lend it.

also copyright has its own exemptions. A copyright can only last for years after which one can renew it. Anyone who is uses your work for any academic is allowed to and is not bound by this law.

Now you are the know so next time you try to copy someone work no the law will catch up with you. Creative people should protect their work.

I talked to an expert on this and below is his interview have a listen.



Expectations in relationships

Martha Kabiru

Long term relationship
Long term relationship

In healthy relationships there are certain expectations, like being treated well or being respected. Yet sometimes we find ourselves in relationships that don’t mirror what we anticipate to happen. We may feel hurt or used.

We cannot expect other people to treat us as we would treat them. We cannot assume anything or force change upon someone who clearly demonstrates he or she is stuck in his or her own way.Sometimes it feels as if you are completely in control of your life, but when it comes to relationships there’s always the other person.

To avoid disappointments, Let go of your expectations of people and see how your relationships change. And if you don’t feel differently about it or if it’s not benefiting you, you can always walk away. Your emotional state matters most. You cannot control other people, but you can make yourself happy by choosing happiness.

Blossom in relationships

Martha Kabiru


The lets talk show emphasizes on how couples approach day to day issues and come up with their solutions.Blossoming in relationships may take effort from the couple to make it work.

The guest speaker Professor Martha Kabiru has written more than 20 copies on relationships and have had good feedback’s from her audiences, she has also helped more than 100 couples in understanding what they want in their relationships. the event will help the single, dating and already married couples to enhance their love and happiness together.

The entry is free so as to reach to many people from  different backgrounds, who are experiencing different difficulties in their relationships or they are okay and want to  maintain and continue blossoming in their relationship.

All couples are advised to attend the show which is live unlike the other times, question and answers will be encouraged for more education on the topic.



Relationship with the in-laws

Martha Kabiru

Ruth:Hi, I have a boyfriend and am pretty close to his parents and family especially the mother. At first our relationship was not very swift because the parents thought we were too young, and thought his son was not ready for a relationship but when she got to know me better and spent time with me, her attitude toward us changed and so far so good.

we have grown close to a point i see her as my second mam, she advice us and take time with us.

i would advise guys dating to make a point of knowing their in-laws because it eventually helps in the building of the relationship.

Fashion one

Rhodah Kinanu

Rhodah: Hi,Please introduce yourself and tell us what is your definition of fashion?

Reece:    Hi, my name is Reece.I am a fashion expert and i ventured in fashion industry in the 2008. I think fashion is the popular and the tending way of dressing. It is seasonal because it comes and goes and sometimes and sometimes it goes back to the old ways but all the same it remains to be seasonal. People will take fashion to be entirely a different thing from what it really is. for instance, ladies tend to think nudity is fashion and men think that ragging and sagging of pants is fashion which is totally not true. We forget that we are Africans and that we should embrace the African wear and embrace it to our own liking because after all fashion is about being unique and amazing in your own way.Be simple, classy and blend it with your environment, and I can simply say that is being fashionable. Thank you.

Finding Yourself

Ruth Mueni


Experience is the best teacher right?So when me and my church mates came up with the idea of organizing the Timan dinner our purpose was to engage the youths especially those who have cleared their high school and have not identified themselves yet.
This dinner i believe will help them mingle and make friends who can help them in live.The dinner will also be effective because we will invite professionals who can come and mentor them in whatever field they would like to engage in.

I personally did not have a mentor after i finished my high school and how i wish someone would have come up with this kind of idea because it would have really helped me a lot and given me some sort of identity with what i wanted to do with my life.I believe this dinner will have an impact in the lives of those that will attend and they could also share some wisdom with those who won’t attend.


Modeling contest

Rhodah Kinanu


Turning down this year on 17th September, join us at Hilton hotel Nairobi for national models auditions. Beside the main agenda, there shall be other activities like dancing, singing, comedy and bouncing for the gents.

We shall also be hosting the best fashion designers known in Africa. This means, all your questions on fashion are going to be answered that day. Also, the fashion designers will be accompanied with their models to show case their designs.

Come dressed in your best attire, be fashionable and presentable and enjoy this great occasion with us. If you are a model, you can’t afford to miss this. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect. A models opinion seldom matters. The only time required to open up his/her mouth is when required to smile at a camera.

Don’t miss this awesome experience. Come have fun. Its all about fashion and modelling. Remember, in modeling; He with better looks is more in demand than he who has read many books. See you there.